Sovereign Veil [Metashadow]

Your bond to the shadow plane is so great you have mastered the control of your own shadow. Your shadow is less likely to show itself while casting Mysteries.

Prerequisite: Any Metashadow Feat

Benefit: Paths or Spells with the Darkness descriptor are harder to detect through spells or discern through skill checks and abilities. Detection spells, Knowledge, Spellcraft, Spot and Bardic Lore checks are at an increased DC of +5 when used to show or discern Shadow magic is in use or effecting an object.

Special: You can take this feat for each Path or School type. The effects do not stack.

Normal: Without this feat skills checks such as Spot are 15 DC, Knowledge (arcana) 15 DC, Knowledge (planes) 15 DC, and Bardic Lore is 25 DC. Detect magic is as stated in the core books


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