Dreamshaker Tree (Magical Location)

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Dreamshaker Tree (Magical Location)

Throughout the world of Kalistria, Chimeron the Dream Lord placed quasi-substantial trees in the deepest forests of the far corners of the world. These trees are known as a Dreamshaker Tree, and they collect and disperse the dreams that form the Dreamtide, of all creatures great and small.

Lore: Characters can gain the following information about any Dreamshaker Tree by making a Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Religion), or knowledge (The Planes) check of the proper DC given below.

DC15. A Dreamshaker Tree is older than any creature in the world and holds unimaginable knowledge and power.

DC17. Only those held in high regard to Chimeron the Dream Lord can find an elusive Dreamshaker Tree.

These people often are distant and aloof in their demeanor, and serve as prophets and viziers.

DC20. Those touching the Dreamshaker Tree will bond with them and begin to interpret the meaning of all dreams that are collected and create and disperse dreams to all creatures that dream.

DC25. There once was four Dreamshaker Trees. One became corrupted by a rival god and was chopped down and turned into a legend of horror throughout the world of Kalistria. This event was said to be the cause of nightmares and unrestive sleep. According to legend, the destroyed tree became a carriage-like transport simply called Torment, that rode by the dwellings of people thought to be cursed. Any that had bad dreams supposedly had their souls taken in it’s wake.

Description: Each Dreamshaker Tree is extremely tall, rising so high that no mortal can fathom its true height. Every Dreamshaker Tree appears translucent and almost insubstantial to any observers with a hulking trunk that has girth of roughly 300 feet around, and each Dreamshaker Tree wraps itself in an aura of calmness.

Prerequisites: Those in favor of Chimeron the Dream Lord must first make a journey to the location of one of these Dreamshaker Trees. This task is often difficult and many have perished in doing so. The locations are secret and usually revealed in the dreams of those considered worthy to attempt the long, taxing pilgrimage to reach the trees and after successful activation of the tree, then they shall be known as the Steward of Dreams.

These quests are considered a way to cause an epiphany of sorts, for the worthy person must purge themselves of all distractions, such as material possessions, to be able to attune with the Dreamshaker Tree that has been revealed to them. Signs of corruption, such as callousness or greed, will remove the opportunity to fully use the Dreamshaker Tree and must find a means to purge themselves to regain favor.

Individuals chosen to become a steward of a Dreamshaker Tree and the influence of the dreams produced and collected by them must be of good alignment, have at least 10 skill ranks in one of the following skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (religion), or Knowledge (The Planes), and must also have one of the following Feats: Dreamspeaking or Prophetic Dreams.

Location Activation: Once the Dreamshaker Tree has been located and all the requirments have been met by the chosen person, they must begin the long process of attunement. For seven consecutive nights, the Steward of Dreams must survive testing of their soul. Each night consist of a challenge to an attribute.

They must successfully pass an attribute check each night by exceeding a DC15 for all physical aspects (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Charisma) and a DC17 for all mental aspects (Intelligence and Wisdom) of their souls. Failure to pass tany test results in starting over of the testing process. Three such failures results in ineligibility unless and until they increase one of the attributes to restart the testing anew.

Recharge: Recharging is not needed. The Dreamshaker Tree is divinely fueled and can not be depleted.

Special Abilities

Spell Use: The Dreamshaker Tree grants those attuned to itself the access to the Dream Domain and can cast any of the spells within that domain as if they were a level 20 spellcaster.

Harmonious Presence: The Dreamshaker Tree causes anyone within long range (400ft) of the Steward of Dreams to be effected by a serene calmness and tranquility. This special ability is much like the spells Calm Animals and Calm Emotions and casts as a level 20 spellcaster.

Chimeric Sovereignty: The Steward of Dreams may make a special knowledge check with a bonus equal to their level plus Wisdom modifier to see whether they glean some relevant information through the dreams of others and even information about items or locations (including those magical or divine in nature), they may have had visited or had contact within their lifetime.

DC Type of Knowledge
10 Common
17 Uncommon
22 Obscure
27 Extremely obscure

Once any information is gained, the Steward of Dreams may also attempt to manipulate and alter this information to help protect the dreamer from harm (either from a nightmare or other harmful occurrences during a dream. The information itself may have caused harm to the subject as well). Influencing dreams is not an easy task and the target subject is granted a Will save DC15 against such intrusions. The target does not recall any attempts or successes at manipulating their dream.

Note: Chimeron the Dream Lord has been known to block this ability from time to time to protect the Realm of Dreams. This ability can target any creature that dreams located anywhere in the world and can use Chimeric Sovereignty as many times as they enter a dream state.

Reverie Aegis: Powers or abilities which would normally cause intrusion of dreams are much more difficult to penetrate. The Steward of Dreams decreases the saving throw by 10 against any attempts to scrye, interrupt, or otherwise usurp control of their dreams by outside forces. This defense, however, does not inhibit Chimeron the Dream Lord from doing so.

Dreamtide Voyage: When the Steward of Dreams enters a dream-like state (either naturally or magically induced), they can travel along the Dreamtide and go anywhere in the world that a Dreamshaker Tree is located. This travel is not instantaneous, and takes about eight hours to do.

While traveling the Dreamtide, the Steward of Dreams can not be harmed or effected by any means. The Steward of Dreams can also bring companions along if they also are in a dream state and in physical contact before travel.

Duration of Powers

Spell Use, Harmonious Presence, and Reverie Aegis are constantly active and require no upkeep or concentration to support.

Chimeric Sovereignty and Dreamtide Voyage can be used once every time the Steward of Dreams enters a dream-like state.


Once an person becomes attuned to the Dreamshaker Tree, thus becoming a Steward of Dreams, they are considered for all intent and purposes the fourth Dreamshaker Tree, and  can not continue to gain experience while in this roll. If they should abandon this path, losing all powers by doing so, they can reclaim it if they still meet the requirements and gain the added attribute point (see above-Location Activation).


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