Treefall Mourners (Ehlonna, Background, and Gifts):

This loosely organized band of Druids, Rangers, Sylvan, Fey, and other people whom became conservationists travel about the lands protecting the natural resources from utter destruction at the hands of the forces of evil. Those that join are quickly indoctrinated into the worship of Ehlonna, as long as they are of good alignment and have not committed atrocities against nature.

Many come from all walks of life and felt compelled to join the cause to save the forests and other wooded areas from being over run by monsters and other threats to preserve the delicate balance of nature. Those that have shown extraordinary ability to place themselves in danger in the defense of the natural world are often given objects of great fascination and power.

Treefall Mourners Feats

Floriform Steward:

Type: Divine

Prerequisite: Cha 13 or Wis 13, Cleric, You may select this feat only if you have the Grove Sprout and a member of the Treefall Mourners

Benefits: This feat grants the ability to Rebuke or command plant creatures as an evil cleric rebukes or commands undead. This ability can be used a total several times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma or Wisdom modifier.

Special: You can take this feat only as a 1st level character

Foliage Murmur:

Type: Divine

Prerequisite: Knowledge (nature) and Survival both at 10 ranks, Possession of the Grove Sprout and a member of the Treefall Mourners

Benefit: You can converse with normal plants and plant creatures, making you able to ask questions of and receive answers from them. This feat is used as a Spell Like Ability and is similar to the spell Speak with Plants.

The Gifts of Ehlonna

Gifts are bestowed by Ehlonna upon those that excels and have proven themselves unshakable in their determination to further the cause of the group as well as their loyalty. Many of these rewards refelct the over all innate powers of nature and those that thrive from it. The most common item given to members is the Grove Sprout, which marks them as part of the Treefall Mourners.

Grove Sprout: This twig and leaf are given to those worthy of becoming Treefall Mourners to reward and aid them in their duties to protect nature. The sprout comes in different shapes and colors but always consists of a leaf attached to a twig, which never seems to decay while in the possession of a member of this organization. This curious item grants the bearer a +2 bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks while it is in their possession.

Soilborn Preserve: In an earthen colored pouch is contained a mixture of fresh dirt from the woodland floor, fallen twigs, decayed leaves, and other bits of plant matter. The pouch has anywhere from 1 to 7 ounces of the stuff (1d8–1, minimum 1), each ounce being considered enough to cover the person, which lasts 2 hours.

The user of this item covers themselves with the mixture which grants a the ability to hide in any sort of natural terrain, even if the terrain doesn’t grant cover or concealment as like the Ranger ability of Camouflage (Ex) except it has a limited duration. This item is refillable if the contents are replenished and the pouch is buried in the ground for 24 hours.

If all the contents of the Soilborn Preserve are used before the materials are replenished, the pouch crumbles and becomes useless.

Hinterlands Bunk: This wooden and plant fiber contraption is foldable for easy carrying and storage for long journeys through the wilderness. It can become a chair or tree stand but is also used to form a comfortable bedding like a hammock to rest a weary body.

When erected and used for restive purposes, the Hinterlands Bunk speeds natural healing by +1 Hp and decreases the effects of being Fatigued by half only requiring 4 hours of rest instead of the standard eight hours. While the Hinterlands Bunk is in the possession of the member of the Treefall Mourners, they gain the Feat: ENDURANCE [GENERAL] if they do not already have it.

Arborary Brogan: These ankle-high sturdy boots are made of soft doe skin and interwoven with spider webs and creeper vines that grant the wearer the uncanny ability to traverse the forest canopy with relative ease. When worn, the pair of boots enable movement on tree surfaces, branch to branch travel, vine swinging or even upside down along the forest canopy, leaving the wearer’s hands free.

Their speed is 20 feet when the wearer travels in this way. The Arborial Brogan are useless on any other surfaces and tend to not have great traction when used as normal footwear. The boots can be used for 30 minutes per day, split up as the wearer chooses.

Coadjutor Wreath: These wreaths are typically worn by those that seek out the creatures that co-exist in the wild in attempts to befriend them and to give aid if need be to such animals that would normally shy away from such interaction. This elaborate and delicate looking fabrication of intertwined flowers, stems, twigs, leaves, and vines bestows the abilities of Wild Empathy (Ex) and Fey Empathy (Ex) to the wearer if they do not already have these traits.

The major exception to these abilities is that they can add the Wisdom attribute modifier to the Diplomacy check instead of the standard Charisma modifier in situations when encountering animals and fey types in the wilderness.

Nettle Quiver: This quiver is made out of sturdy wood and flexible plant fibers to hold a full amount of arrows, not totaling more than twenty in number. The quiver when empty of contents, can be collapsed to carry or store, easing the burden of the load. The Nettle Quiver can never be stolen or nor can it be destroyed by normal means. The power of this special item is in the fact that any branches placed into it turn into an arrow.

The arrows are normal, non-magical in nature, and can not be further enchanted or augmented in anyway after they are created. Once a month, the quiver can be refilled up to the greatest number of arrows it can contain. Arrows that are used can not be recovered and return to broken sticks once again.


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