Enkindling Dregs [Artifact]
Aura None; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 5 lbs.


Amongst the deadly hot Plane of Elemental Fire lives a conquered race known as the Azar. Azar resemble the dwarf race in a few aspects such as their fondness for Blacksmithing and they also see the beauty in order. Long ago the Azar were overrun by the Mephit and subjugated by the strict theocracy controlled by Dirimalia VI, whom rules over her people from the Ninefold Towers of the Matriarch of Holy Sublimation. The Azar were enslaved to work unceasingly the furnaces, smelting, and all other things metallurgy in nature, all centering around the Grand tower of the Ninefold, and separated by function of the smithing process adjacent to one or more smaller towers that completed the structure of the Holy Sublimation. One such tower did crack one day, and a shard fell to the ground below and was found by an Azar with a reputation for laziness, a trait most uncommon to the race as a whole.

The discovery was just the object needed to launch his escape from the bonds of tyranny. He used the crystalline shard to melt away his shackles and then the shard again was used to provide an adequate weapon fashioned out of some work tools. None realized his escape though, for the Azar toiled away within the foundries as if they were not enslaved. For they enjoyed order and routine but loathed laziness and sloth. One day they thought they would be free but that day was not today for all but one.

The “Shard” is made of quartz crystal with variegated veins of liquid copper running throughout, magical in nature, but has no discernible aura to detect. Legend states that the Greater Jinn, known as the Shatain created the Towers of which were made from this material and given to the Efreet. Another claim of ownership are held by the Mephit, which made the charge that the draconic Crystalline Emperors of the Plane of Earth gave them dominion over the set of towers. None can argue either way and thus the true custodian could not be determined and many wars followed as a result.


To activate the shard’s powers, one must simple pass it over any metal. One could either heat the metal material until it is white-hot as per the Heat Metal spell. 
Another function is to cause a transformation of a common weapon or piece of armor that is completely made of metal, to become Masterwork as the spell Masterwork Transformation.

These powers can be used 3 times a day.


The is destroyed if its bearer returns to the Plane of Elemental Fire and smashes it with a blunt Masterwork Implement.


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