My First Playtest Experience Part 1 (DND NEXT)

Posted: May 26, 2013 in 5E D&D NEXT
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I first played a Cleric. The world was set in Skyrim, non-humans, druids and monks were disallowed. My first session I gained a level. The Gm was not being generous either. We earned all of it and felt good about it. The experience was fun, had plenty of time to learn the new rule set, and the group I play with are fun to be around but no slouches when it comes to the rules.

The next few sessions I gained more levels, reaching 5th level barely, My character expired from bleeding to death after a long battle with undead. Poor die rolls on my side and great die rolls on the monster’s side finished my career as Cleric.

My new character is a paladin and will add the martial side to my experience playing a cleric. Clerics were good in a fight but paladin is so much better. Clerics can cast many spells, some without memorizing (Cantrip). Paladins do not get cantrips but tend to have spells that boost their endeavors. Can’t wait to use my warhorse to skewer a few baddies with my lance.


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