Sneak Attack Clarification (Rogue)

Posted: May 26, 2013 in 5E D&D NEXT
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Recently I discovered that conditions for a Sneak attack are not always at Disadvantage. This had confused at first due to my being unfamiliar with the new rules and the use of the word “Sneak”. If you already have Advantage, taking Disadvantage will simply cancel out the Advantage. The Sneak Attack adds a certain amount of damage to the attack depending on level. You can Backstab (or any type of strike from a Rogue Scheme) and Sneak Attack. Attacking from a Stealth condition in combat also grants Advantage.

Sneak Attack was misleading to myself, thinking it was part of a Stealthy type of attack (Like old school D&D), but it does not matter if detected or undetected, the character with Sneak Attack, which I have been calling Precision Strike instead,  simply knows how to cause more damage with the weapon of choice. No mention on weapon restrictions though.

Common sense would lend one to think it would benefit simple weapons, ones that are considered one-handed and light in weight. A bow could also be used in such a way, and getting advantage from a range weapon is far easier than in melee, but that needs to be clarified by WoTC and I would house rule that a Ranged weapon could gain Advantage given the proper situation.


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