Wizard Class has issues (5E DND NEXT)

Posted: May 26, 2013 in 5E D&D NEXT
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Speaking of Unstable Wizards:

I noticed that Wizards have to choose spell schools. I do not mind spell school style as a choice, I would rather see more ways to choose. I personally liked the Shadowcaster class (Tome of Magic D&D3.5), not as powerful as a true wizard (Spell access) but very flavorful and useful.

In PFRPG, they did bring back a Shadowcaster, but it was just another specialized spell caster utilizing darkness/shadow descriptor spells better than most. I hope they expand on this, for flavor is lacking here.

Another issue with spells in general is the Ritualized magic. It falls short of being useful to anyone. Requires many other participants, time and resources, and the benefits are not much better than one could do themselves. The benefits of performing a Ritualized spell: You do not use up a spell slot. I already registered my complaint about this in the last wave of play testing and I hope the new version changes this aspect.


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