Bewitched Plinths of Shroudfall (Magical Location)

Posted: May 29, 2013 in 3.5 D&D Magical Locations, 3.5 Edition Dungeons and Dragons/PFRPG
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Bewitched Plinths of Shroudfall (Magical Location) – 3.5 D&D

In the mountainous region known as Shroudfall contained many wondrous creations set down by the goddess Quinn, the Cobalt Lady. One such creation the Bewitched Plinths of Shroudfall. Each of these plinths have a set purpose, most often to mark the boundaries and to act as sign posts throughout the realm.

Lore: Characters can gain the following information about any Bewitched Plinth of Shroudfall by making a Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (religion) check of the proper DC given below.

DC15. Bewitched Plinths of Shroudfall are as old as the world itself and are sacred to the peoples of Shroudfall.

DC20. Only those favorable to Quinn,the Cobalt Lady can touch the plinths without danger. These people often have a bluish tint to their skin.

DC25. Those touching it become attuned to the plinth and gain power through contact.

Description: The plinths vary slightly in design but are generally all 8 feet tall, 4 feet wide, with a carved surface on one side that is shaped with a vague outline of a human form with enough room to sit. Each is also adorned with ancient symbols and glyphs of a language long unused and emanates a bluish hue which envelopes the area surrounding the plinth in a 10 ft. radius. The region of Shroudfall has hundreds of these structures stretched for miles on end.

Prerequisites: Only those able to properly attune themselves to the Plinths must make a successful Will save (DC 18), able to cast at least third level spells, and have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (religion). Anyone not fulfilling the criteria must make a Fort save (DC20) or become absorbed by the Plinth and fuel its power for one year.

Any being that is absorbed is allowed more saves over the course of the year. Each month they can attempt to break free by making a successful Will save (DC15) for release. Each month of captivity in this way drains one Constitution point. Premature release from the an outside source such as destruction of the plinth will cause anyone within to be expelled. Anyone removed in this way loses one point of Constitution for every 3 months they were held captive.

Location Activation: Those attuned to the Plinth must simply be seated in the small area provided and concentrate and thus becomes the foci for the powers provided. Inability to focus properly will result in failure to use the plinth successfully.

Recharge: Once a month those attuned to the Bewitched Plinth must sacrifice one point of Constitution to refuel the power source. This loss of Constitution is not permanent and can be healed normally.

Special Ability:

Spell use: The Bewitched Plinth grants those attuned to itself the ability to cast any 0-3rd level spell. The spells cast through this special ability are considered to be Caster level 18.

Concealing Mist: The plinth also causes a light blue mist to envelope those attuned: 5 ft. radius and moves with them. This effect is like the spell Obscuring Mist.

Divine Blast: Those attuned to the Bewitched Plinth can call for a divine blast from Quinn, the Cobalt Lady. Using this ability drains half of the current Constitution of the attuned being. The target of the blast can only be those that threaten the region of Shroudfall. Divine Blast: 28d12

Duration: Spells can be cast 3/day. The mist lasts one month but fades if the plinth is not recharged. Divine Blast once every 5 years.


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