Celebrimbor Melwasúl, Drow with a Secret

Posted: June 2, 2013 in 3.5 D&D Personalities, 3.5 Edition Dungeons and Dragons/PFRPG, 5E D&D NEXT
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Celebrimbor Melwasúl was born to commoners, a rarity when it came to the likes of himself. He  possessed noble  blood, and Drow law dictated that he should die along with his birth parents. The unwritten law was that he would kill them himself, obliterate all traces of his past, and walk among his peers as a noble with all the correct blood ties. So he did so one fated day. He despised his parents for their weakness and failings as it were, so taking the next step to fully  accepting his own destiny was not difficult. He had lured them to a place of calm and peace, one rare as he, to the place known as the Rasping Mantle, an outcrop of rock that made small groans  as if in pain. A fitting place indeed to commit this act of sacrifice, the one true action that could set him free. He had poisoned their drink, and as they sipped from their cups their gazes went blank and they fell dead away. He rolled their lifeless bodies over the edge of the outcropping and watched them vanish below.

Celebrimbor Melwasúl assumed a new identity and honed it to perfection. He was an upstanding Noble, rose steadily in his House, called Gethsemane. House Gethsemane was sister to House Xorlarrin, whom held similar interests but took the high-road with regard to mediating disputes between the Houses, but often called on House Gethsemane to do certain tasks that would be deemed unsavory even by drow standards. During this time, Celebrimbor was being watched closely by a secretive band of druids whom were given a prophecy that involved the young drow. Shortly before the Times of Troubles, he was approached and accepted an offer to start his lessons in the art of magic, although he had assumed the teachings were arcane in nature, he soon became aware that his tutors were not all they said they were and showed him many wondrous things no arcane university would dare show. A new path he had set his foot upon and now Celebrimbor became a full-fledge Blood Druid of Corith. He was steadfast in his studies and excelled, almost outpacing his rise within House Gethsemane. Soon the Time of Troubles consumed a majority of the Noble houses within conflict.

Some houses consumed others, some were destroyed in the process, and Lolth went silent, seemingly to ignore all the cries for mercy and to end this all consuming war. Soon House Xorlarrin and House Gethsemane were as one and helped end the strife, although many Drow had been killed and a great many Nobles lost everything. Thus both houses grew stronger and did rise to prominence, for not many stood in their way. The dust settled and life resumed as it always had, Drow grew forgetful of the past, returned to the struggles of personal power, and Celebrimbor remained ever
vigilant for signs of the prophecy to present themselves. Soon it came to the attention of the Blood Druid conclave that the Druegar were up to something and need to be watched carefully.  Strange rumors circulated about a gigantic digging machine of their invention, designed to drill deep into the earth, to reach a destination unknown to the drow. Celebrimbor was tasked with this duty to be watchful of their sometimes enemies, the Druegar. Through trade, war, infiltration by “escaped slaves” under a suggestion spell, and other various clandestine means did he continue this task. He desired to prove himself to Corith and his druid conclave. Most of all, he wanted  to prove his own nobility which had struggled against his now dead past. So life went on and Celebrimbor did enjoy his new found life among the great noble houses. Successful merchant, negotiator, and sometimes assassin, Celebrimbor coveted his position and wealth, fearful and paranoid of drow he did not know.

One day, another sign of the prophecy became know to him, for he had been summoned to the DimCourt, to present himself to the Matron that resided. Arriving by way of a young female courier comes a missive. Opening the silk paper rolled and held with a thin strip of spider thread reveals a hand written note which states:

The Reader is invited to attend the Mother at their convenience. Formal attire is not a necessity. Enter with confidence that this letter safeguards the bearer through the guardians and protections. Share it not with those that wish ill to our sovereign benefactor and rest assured that reward is a possibility” 

There is no signature, still none is needed. No one left alive would dare to impersonate the Matriarch, known only as Mother or The Mother. Here in the underground cavern city of Charnag Niaren Wun Khaliizi (Deep Waters In Stone as translated), the Matriarch has ruled for as long as any can remember. Most know that their grandsire and granddames remember her being in power when they were small and new to the world. She is one of the oldest known Drow Matriarchs and a true devotee to the oldest beliefs of Llolth and the ideals of web and deceit. He had no previous encounters with her or the court but did not shy away from taking the journey. Besides, refusing such a request could get him beheaded or worse.

Celebrimbor approached the main chamber where Mother dwells and the demeanor of those he passed by in those lofty halls were quite different, for they were subdued, more sedate, and seemed more content in many ways. He had become accustomed to the haughty and those full of disdain, relics of the endless strife and jockeying for power and position. Clearly this audience was very much removed from his environs, for he was tempted to run his fingers across the skin smooth walls and so polished the floors were that led to the inner chamber that he had to make himself not glance at his own reflection that danced beneath him. Rarely do any not noble in birth make it this far. Still just possessing the letter seems to grant a safe passage. Then there it is, the doors made of surface wood, so old they have turned into stone, petrified. Once there was a rumor that She had brought them down here, that perhaps she was one of the very first. They begin to open, revealing the inner chambers of The Matriarch…


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