Well my reaction is mixed since this is but a play test and changes such as this was in the forecast. The removal of skills from backgrounds was a bit of a surprise though, and I am still thinking this one over. The replacement, Lore in-all-of-its-incarnations does have a place but I do not agree with a total removal of skills upon character creation to give an even broader and to be honest, not a well insulated alternative. If the Fields of Lore were a bit more fleshed-out, I could have more of a sense of where WoTC was going with this.

My play group absolutely think this new uses of Lore is dreadful so I had to make a House Rule that allowed skills stay in the backgrounds as before if they so want and not accept Fields of Lore. I hope in the future that the Fields of Lore are expanded and have substance, such as each field containing skill sets not associated with attributes or perhaps such fields would be needed to gain Feat or a Spell not otherwise available to player-characters. Time will tell and thus I can only speculate, but maybe the next packet of rules will contain something better than what the current wave has birthed.


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