All about Shroudeye

Greetings fellow bloggers! Within this blog you will find all manner of gaming information, my opinions, ideas, and resources for your viewing pleasure. I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire LARP, and a few other genres.

Contained within are my rants, raves, and various ideas about life, the universe and gaming! Please feel free to comment or even add your own thoughts on these matters regarding role-playing games of all the genres out there.

I have been married for over a decade now and a step-father to two children. I have an AA electronics degree and specialize in life-safety, mainly fire sciences. I also like to write and as you can see, fully enthralled by the internet and all its goodies.  I am now “Over-the-hill” but this does not seem to bother me because of my adult-sized child like mentality. I have been a gamer since 1978!

I am working on two different novels and some gaming materials that I hope to one day publish. I had writer’s block for a very long time but now I will continue since I have more free time than ever before and feel confident that the work shall be done.

One novel is about modern-day vampires and the other novel is set in a sword and sorcery type of world after a major cataclysm. I do not want to give anymore details in order to protect my ideas but may post some excerpts to tease anyone that cares to subscribe to this blog.

The gaming materials regard a fantasy world that is rather simplified and designed to aid the game-master with fleshing out a world that they can use for their own and not just doing all the work and hope they read and understood the materials before subjecting player characters to the world at large.

I am updating and adding new content on a regular basis, so please refresh often. I look forward to your patronage and continue to nurture this blog. I constantly try to improve this blog, so please be patient if under construction.

Nothing within this blog is intended to infringe one’s copy-right or intellectual property rights in any way. If you find something placed within that belongs to you, please inform the admin and the issue will be dealt with in a professional manner.

humilis ut humilis inflexibilem tyrannis