D&D NEXT Campaign: Imladhal, Lands of Adventure

Imladhal, Lands of Adventure

Behold the colossal ruins of Abbadon! Famed for the riches to be plundered and the dangers to behold! Spanning 1600 square miles, this once lively city-state had fallen by the hand of the gods for their sacrilege and decadence. Abbadon now is accessible to all fool-hardy and rugged people seeking adventure and fame!
Please seek an audience with Chancellor Janernis Grieffinder, Surpeme Council of Antiquities for more information
Royal proclamation by his majesty the Emperor Rothatray Fatehonor II

The adventure begins at the office of the Chancellor Janernis Grieffinder in the Supreme Council of Antiquities building. This is heavily guarded and does not give access to just anyone off the street. Weapons will be confiscated once inside the heavy wooden doors and the group is escorted to a small waiting area that has few seats and nothing much else to view. You find yourselves standing in front of the Chancellor himself after a short wait and a few questions are asked to confirm the intentions of the group. It is also conveyed to the group that Emperor Fatehonor tolerates strangers and free-booters in his city as long as they comply with the laws. Image

You find out that Abbadon is not far from the gate to the city of Serpentguile. This gate is on the old quarter, where most adventurers and other travelers stay. The Chancellor demands 20% of the value of your haul, for certain items are donated to prosperity in the Imperial Museum and these will be confiscated along with anything else found if these rules are not followed. Compensation will be given for such items as long as they are deemed a legal salvage. Five gold is asked of each person to gain a charter to explore the ruins, otherwise you violate the Decree of salvage and will be persecuted to the full extent of the law. Each of you are granted one week before the charter expires. “Any questions?” the Chancellor says rather aloof and dismissive as if you are not of a huge importance and leafs through more paperwork on his desk…


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