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Well my reaction is mixed since this is but a play test and changes such as this was in the forecast. The removal of skills from backgrounds was a bit of a surprise though, and I am still thinking this one over. The replacement, Lore in-all-of-its-incarnations does have a place but I do not agree with a total removal of skills upon character creation to give an even broader and to be honest, not a well insulated alternative. If the Fields of Lore were a bit more fleshed-out, I could have more of a sense of where WoTC was going with this.

My play group absolutely think this new uses of Lore is dreadful so I had to make a House Rule that allowed skills stay in the backgrounds as before if they so want and not accept Fields of Lore. I hope in the future that the Fields of Lore are expanded and have substance, such as each field containing skill sets not associated with attributes or perhaps such fields would be needed to gain Feat or a Spell not otherwise available to player-characters. Time will tell and thus I can only speculate, but maybe the next packet of rules will contain something better than what the current wave has birthed.


Well this time around was even better but also bittersweet, I shall explain this later on. My Paladin and a few others defeated a dragon, claimed its soul just like in Skyrim. That was cool and that of course fed a Dragon Shout that my character could use like a Divine Channel. Soon we had a quest or two to follow up on (taken from Skyrim), and led the party passed a silver mine. One of our party spotted another man with a sword that looked very much like his, the missing sword of his father. His Father, according to the brief story, had a pair of swords which he had passed down to his children. His brother, whom had gone missing while the sword was in his possession, had not been seen for years. The  missing sword appears, but now in the hands of a stranger, whom refused to explain how he happened to acquire it in the first place. So, long story short, we stormed the mines, which the villain ran into to avoid our chase. Killed off some local militia that guarded the entrance, which upset the townsfolk since one managed to escape.

Now 200 armed and rather upset locals wanted to execute us. I at this time, had expressed caution, through my Paladin, about taking such brutish actions beforehand but none headed my characters warnings. Next thing that happened was hilarious. Our Thief in the party also had a Dragon Shout that allowed him to summon an Earth Elemental. He decided to unleash it on the unsuspecting peasants but instead of targeting them specifically, the rouge not knowing exactly how far off the angry mob was from our location (we could see the flicker of many torches as per the DM), sent his Elemental to attack the torches! Limbs were flying in all directions! We were all laughing pretty hard at that point. The quick thinking on the part of the thief saved the day, well not really, but helped us escape until we found one of our contacts that would help us in our next phase of solving the quest we were on.

I mentioned at the beginning about the bittersweet part. I had some issues with our DM adding things not part of the play test before and he kept doing this. He added multi-classing, which is not part of the play test at all, but the part I did not like most about this change in the game was that I was kept out of the loop. I had suspected that my misgivings about veering away from the play test may cause issues for myself but did not think it would result in my leaving the group. I found that the DM had deliberately kept me in the dark about changes, as explained to me by other players in the group.  I left the group after feeling that I was not respected like the rest of the players. Pity this had to happen that way. Overall he is a good DM but I think his ego won out in the end. This experience did not deter me from starting my own playgroup centered around D&D Next which I will be writing about very soon.