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Well time has come again for the next wave of updates and It appears that WoTC has taken into consideration some of the feedback and made right changes to the game.  Some noticeable changes are that the rules have been clarified, and presented in a much clearer fashion, making for a much easier read without much flipping back and forth through all the files. The changes to the rules were not major but certainly made a difference in my opinion and I hope these improvements that were much needed, will be received with open arms. I also suspect we are moving ever closer to the end of the Playtest and would not be surprised if D&D Next, in whatever incarnation, would be released for public consumption.


These two items posted below are 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons but can easily be converted into other editions and are free to use. I do not mind critiques and would appreciate any comments.

The Writhing Scourge (Vessel of Chaos): This once infamous ship of the known world became the center of controversy when the captain, Merdinus Blackfinger, and his crew aboard decided to steal the one artifact of power in the region from the secretive and dangerous sorcerer Pancratius. The undertaking had much risk and many died during and after the caper. For those that survived presented a horrifying change in all, even the vessel on which they sailed, for none remained as they were and started to become less real and amorphous . They found out too late that the chamber in which held the famed Cauldron of Worlds was the only barrier of protection from this foul twisting of men and ship. Slowly all became something different, less a part of the material world and altered into a new form, one that was immersed in Plane of Elemental Chaos.

A madness crept over the captain and crew as they started loosing their sense of the world around them as the entropy devoured them slowly as they sailed. The Writhing Scourge and crew now sail toward destinations that hold great influences of Law and order, the only place to strike a balance and stave off the forces of entropy which would consume them all. The sudden appearance of this vessel cause much disturbance in these worlds and the forces of Law and Order are often called in from far away to help drive this menace back where it came. This is the humor of the cosmos however, for the more that rally to the banner of Law and order to fight this force of Chaos, the more the crew and captain of The Writhing Scourge want, for it changes them back to their original forms and hope to be able to escape their fates.

Plot hooks:

1) Although The Writhing Scourge itself is a gigantic, ever changing vessel worthy of exploration, many adventures can simply begin by encountering this vessel in their travels and joining the forces of Law and order against them. These battles can be epic in proportion and can span many years, for chaos never ages. Adventurers could also side with the crew of The Writhing Scourge if that is their bent in life.

2) Ever want to be a pirate? The Writhing Scourge is always looking for a few good people to help sail this vessel to ports unknown. Adventurers could take on assignments as part of the crew of The Writhing Scourge before the Cauldron of Worlds was absconded or perhaps this chance encounter and joining the crew could take place at any time really, allowing adventurers full access to the vessel itself. Years can be spent exploring this ship for its ever changing form allows for such things to take place.

3) Care to recover the Cauldron of Worlds and save the multiverse? Here is your chance! The adventurers are perhaps hired by The Grand Magian, Pancratius, to aid him in the return of this precious object of old or perhaps you want the power for yourself or simply wish to ransom it to the highest bidder. Many strange and terrifying things can happen once in the possession of such a thing. Beware!

Cauldron of Worlds (Legendary Artifact): This device has the power to view and transport the controller to far off distant places only know to those careful observers of the cosmos. For a long time the Cauldron of Worlds was kept safely locked away from those that would use it to commit evil acts across the universe by the only person anointed to use it. The Grand Magian, Pancratius. The Cauldron of Worlds came into his possession by unknown means, and most other information about this artifact is mainly rumor and speculation, but after its theft, more became known about it, although not in a positive way. The construction of this device remains elusive but its powers have been felt all across the multi-verse, and is now carried aboard the Infamous pirate vessel, The Writhing Scourge. Pancratius was very sullen and depressed by his loss and failure to keep his duty and safeguard this device. He vowed to follow The Writhing Scourge and those aboard that pilfered the ancient device where ever it travels and take back what was stolen.

Prolonged exposure to an Unstable Cauldron of Worlds can do many things to anything that comes in contact with it. One notable effect is transforming living creatures into a chaos hybrid which bestows upon them the benefit of a new Bloodline: Chaos Elemental.

This Bloodline functions the same as the others (see Unearthed Arcana and with a few notable changes as detailed below.

Chaos Elemental Bloodline – Because of the amorphous nature of chaos, there nothing specific about this elemental bloodline, but instead shares all common traits of all elemental bloodlines. There constant shifting and changing natures also results in strange combinations and far more variances than other bloodlines.

2nd   –
4th   +2 on any skill (choose a skill)
6th   –
8th   Any feat (choose a legal feat)
10th  — 
12th  any attribute +1 (choose one attribute)
14th  —
16th  any one elemental special ability 1/day (Sp)
18th  —
20th  Elemental affinity1
2nd   +2 any one skill check (Choose a skill)
4th   any feat (choose a legal feat)
6th   any attribute +1 (Choose one attribute)
8th   any one elemental special ability 1/day (Sp)
10th  Elemental affinity +21
12th  +1 to natural armor
14th  +2 on any one skill check (choose a skill)
16th  Entropy (Su)2
18th  any attribute +1 (choose one attribute)
20th  any feat (choose a legal feat)

1) You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with other elementals.

2) As the Chaos elemental Special Ability. Each has an entropy score ranging of 5%. creating a self-concealment effect,  This percentage applies to a self-concealment miss chance. Entropy does not stack with other concealment effects, such as blur, displacement and invisibility. The number of attacks they can make is also variable due to Entropy. On a full attack action,there is a chance equal to his entropy percentage of gaining more attacks over his usual maximum. After they have finished attacks for the round, roll a d%.